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Lenten Meditation for Wednesday, April 5, 2017

lenten candles

I confess my heart is haughty; I am concerned with many things, large and small. The effort is to sort through all the matters, keep them straight, not get in a muddle. How? A retreat at Holy Cross Monastery, a day set aside for dreaded computer work, taking care of my physical body, saying prayers during commercials, finding how I can live a righteous life that works for me while engaged very much in the world. Owning my negative thoughts and most difficult of all, continually learning how to be constructively angry. If we are commanded to love one another, we must also include ourselves. And if we speak of grace, it is by the grace of God we manage all these things. 

The Readings 

Psalm 119:145-176

Jeremiah 25:30-38

Romans 10:14-21

John 10:1-18

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