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Lenten Meditation - Tuesday, February 20

Lenten Meditations

Genesis 37: 12-24 and Mark 1: 14 - 28

                Joseph’s brothers see their chance to get rid of this tiresome, tale telling, spoiled brat of a younger sibling.  Alone none of them might have attempted this plan but together they urge each other on.  You can feel the hatred and the jealousy.  How they will live with this guilt in the days, weeks, years to come we do not know.  Peer pressure can be a terrible thing.  Yet peer pressure can be wonderful too.  When Jesus called these fishermen to be his disciples he called them in twos.  Two sets of brothers who came together. Jesus knew that they would be more comfortable “signing up” if they did it together? 

                Today is the birthday of my eldest child. Two more children followed.  At times they fell out but also had to learn to support each other in the challenges of life.  We are God’s children and have to support one another.  Jesus calls us into his family as his adopted children.  Let us support one another and not seek ways to destroy each other. 



Psalm 45  Psalm 47 / Psalm 48
Genesis 37:12-24

1 Corinthians 1:20-31

Mark 1:14-28


As I pondered today's reading, I realize that I am like Joseph. While caring for our dying mother, my sisters created & executed their sceme.  They have no guilt or remorse. What a gift that our scripture is relevant to this day. I live in the Grace of God's love, and live on in happiness knowing that we all serve a higher authority

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