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Lenten Meditation - Thursday, February 15

Lenten Meditations

A Meditation for Thursday February 15

Philippians 3:12 - 21

Over the years I have run several 6 mile races, one 13 mile (half marathon) and a lot of 5k races. All I am doing each time is trying to finish the race, and I have a great sense of achievement each time when I do just that.  But I do have a sense of straining forward to beat my own previous best time, or at least achieve a similar time to previous good times. 

I wonder how you see your Christian life. In what ways are you straining forward to achieve Christ, or achieve for Christ?  I do not think we are all champing at the bit to die, or, God forbid, that we have suicidal tendencies.  But to do all we can to serve Christ is a wonderful life goal.  Only when we can say that this is what we have done will we feel we have run the race of life.  Paul reminds us of the dangers of selfish living.  Thinking only of what we eat (and we can add, and drink and wear) takes us away from focusing on Christ.  How often does your mind wander to these when you know it should be focused on God?  So let us strive this Lent to be on the Christ track in the race of life.

May God bless you in your effort.  Amen

Psalm 37
Habakkuk 3:1-10 (11-15) 16-18

Philippians. 3:12-21

John 17:1-8


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