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Lenten Meditation - Sunday, February 18

Lenten Meditations

A Meditation for the First Sunday in Lent, February 18

What if? 

                “Then a voice came from the heavens:  “You are my beloved son.  On you my favor rests.”  Mark 1:11

What if who Jesus is right now, by nature, you and I are becoming by Grace?   What would that mean for you? 

What if who Jesus was in His humanity is by His gift what we have already become by His gift?    What would that mean for you? 

What if these words recounted in Mark are already addressed to you and to me?    What would that mean for you? 

What if God says today, “You are my beloved daughter, my beloved son and on you my favor rests?”  What would that mean for you? 

 What if this is not something to be earned because it has already been earned and gifted by Him?    What would that mean for you? 

What if this gift is not because we have accomplished something or will accomplish something but already itself is His accomplishment?    What would that mean for you? 

What if beloved son and beloved daughter are not titles but rather literal descriptions of present relationship?    What would that mean for you? 

 What if God's favor rests upon you and upon me not because of what we have done, are doing, or will do but simply because that’s the way god has decided it is going to be?    What would that mean for you? 

What if God's revelation to Jesus here at the beginning of his ministry and not at the end of it, before he has actually done much of anything at all, has a meaning worth pondering?    What would that mean for you?

What if, what would happen, if from today until Easter your first conscious thought of each day was, “I am God's beloved daughter.  I am God’s beloved son.  God's favor rests on me”?      What could that mean for you?

What if, what would happen if each day from now until Easter you met an old friend for the umpteenth time or a new friend for the first time you thought to yourself, “This is God’s beloved son.  This is God’s beloved daughter.  Here God’s favor rests”?  What could that mean for them? 




Psalm 25:1-9 
Genesis 9:8-17

1 Peter 3:18-22

Mark 1:9-15


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