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Lenten Meditation -Saturday,February 17

Lenten Meditations

A Meditation for Saturday, February 17

Philippians 4: 10 -20

Our culture tries to convince us that we need more of different products to make us more glamorous, stronger, sexier, younger looking, more mature.... the list goes on.  Children (and adults) are told that they need the various "toys" which are advertised without which their lives would not be complete.  Of course we all know that more "stuff" will never make us happier.  Jesus tells the man who wanted to build a bigger barn for his harvest, his "stuff," he was a fool.  The Apostle Paul tells us he has learned to live with life as it is.  If he is without, that is OK.                                            

When we go on mission trips we are often without things such as proper beds, AC, a bathroom nearby, but living without is less important than the joy of being with the group serving together for the week.  Can we learn to live more modestly, downsizing rather than adding?  Jesus was itinerant; he did not seem to want a lot of "stuff."  Do we really want it?  


Psalm 32 / Psalm 42 /  Psalm 43

Ezekiel. 39:21-29

Philippians. 4:10-20

John 17:20-26



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