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Lenten Meditation for Friday, March 24, 2017

lenten candles
   How do you begin to change your mind? How is it possible to forget what you think you know? How do you begin to go deeper? Lent is a wonderful time to ask these questions. And then respond in ways that take you to a place you’ve never been.

    For me, it has been about overcoming narrow-mindedness. A friend at church recently gave me a quality coloring book (The Parables of Jesus: Coloring Book Devotional by Laura James and K. W. Patton, Hachette Book Company, Inc., 2017).  I wondered how to honor her gift, because this is not an activity I especially approve of.

    And so I chose to repent (change my mind) by reading and pondering one parable in the book every few days. Then I’ve colored in only one section. Coloring books have certainly evolved, and the activity soon became a pleasure. Also, I have a friend who asked me to pass the book to her so she can continue the process. Then she will pass it to someone else for more colors. In time, it may well return to me with more variety than I could have imagined. And so, God’s love abounds and connects us even better.

    Psalm 90 speaks of days “passing like a dream.” Does adding a bit of color to a well-designed page slow the dream, hold onto it a bit longer? And the “secret sins” mentioned in that Psalm, since I approached the book with distrust—are these sins of unspoken intolerance and prejudgment? Does close-mindedness, even in the smallest matters, erode our relationship with God? What do we really know? And how can we learn more?

The Readings 

Psalm 87 / Psalm 90

Jeremiah 13:1-11

Romans 6:12-23

John 8:47-59



The link here goes to the 3/24 post, not related to the image. I'm looking forward to the updated link and totally  understand how these things happen. Peace, Susan


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