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Lenten Meditation - Friday, February 23

Lenten Meditations

Be a Good Neighbor: Agents of Change

This Gospel touches upon the theme of hospitality.  It reveals  how simple encounters can at times lead to connections where one as a believer can speak meaningfully to non-believers about how Jesus’ message of unconditional love can be applied.

The hospitality of communal eating was a major part of Jesus’ ministry, and today one can follow this example.  The hospitality of lunch with colleagues, a jog or workout at the gym, or a shared beverage after work can build deeper relationships with our co-workers .  Whether it be just “being there” to listen or sharing knowledge of resources as you have “already been down that path before”, making connections to those in your work place, neighborhood, and even at the gym helps build relationships that can have lasting value.

Coffee hour serves as a great way to equip us for these conversations; the challenge comes when we step in the community at large.  We can be a bridge of grace when gaps exist and in so doing are agents of change.



Psalm 40 Psalm 54

Genesis 40:1-23

1 Corinthians 3:16-23

Mark 2:13-22


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