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I hate Lent! - Meditation for Saturday of Last Epiphany

Meditation for Saturday of Last Epiphany

"I hate Lent," he said. "I don't want to wallow in the darkness. I just want to be in Easter. I want to be in the Light." He chafed, scratched and whined during the Lenten season. He would not give up things, or add a practice during the season. He longed for the Easter vigil when he could bring his big brass bell and ring it with glee- He was so glad that finally the LIGHT was back.

However, his resistance and irritability seemed the epitome of Lent. Whether he knew it or not he was in full on Lenten mode. Oh, yes it seems dark. It gets darker as we go move closer to Easter. There is a palpable tension that resides in our readings, in our practices in the very darkness of winter. Yet, there is this hope, a tiny seed that is taking root within us. We are preparing for birth, incubating. Even in today’s readings, we are given hope. Our sins can be forgiven, cast off. We will be forgiven and no longer turned away from God. As we suffer in sin, or in sacrifice in giving up our earthly ways, there are joys to be had. We are not near resurrection. Yet the promise is there, the seeds have been planted. The light will come.

The readings for Saturday of Last Epiphany are Psalm 30, 32; Ezek. 39:21-29; Phil. 4:10-20; John 17:20-26 and can be found at

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