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I cry because humans stooped to such depths of depravity - Meditation for Good Friday

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
And are so far from my cry and from the words of my distress."

I like Good Friday to be a quiet day.  I know I will feel so sad, so very sad.  When I reflect on the horror of this day, what humanity did to Jesus; what humanity said to God in the way it tortured and killed Jesus, the son of God, who was willing to walk this earth, I cry.

I cry because humans stooped to such depths of depravity.  I know what they did to Jesus and I know they can and they still do repeat atrocities.  In Afghanistan, in Syria, in Pakistan, in Paris, in Turkey in our own country and in many other places people have been killed in senseless slaughter.  I also know that God in Jesus rose from the dead and has defeated death.  I pray that all people will one day know that senseless violence whether inflicted on one person or on any number is not the way God intended for us all to live.

I need to be quiet to reflect on the meaning of today.

O Lord help me wipe away my tears as I feel your love spilled out for me. Amen.

The readings for Good Friday Psalm 95 (as Invitatory), 22, Lamentations 3.1-9, 19-33, 1 Peter 1.10-20, and John 13.36-38, and can be found at

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