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Holy Week Meditation - Tuesday March 27

Holy Week Meditation

Mark 11: 27-33

How do you deal with challenging encounters and difficult questions?  Do you get upset?  Do you deny any knowledge or involvement?  It is hard when the questioners are in your face and you know they are not friendly.   

Jesus does not get upset or deny he can answer questions, but very often responds to a question by asking a question back, especially when he knows the questioners just want to bring him down.   He does this so many times. We see it in this passage from Mark’s Gospel.  The result was that in this case he did not need to answer the question posed by the religious authorities.  But we remember that whenever a person in need asked for his help he responded directly to him/her.  However when people are out to trick him he makes sure he does not fall into their traps.

Can you be as discerning? Certainly a challenge!   Pray you can bring your heart, soul and mind into following Jesus this Holy Week.


Psalm 6 / Psalm 12 / Psalm 94 
Lamentations 1:17-22

2 Corinthians 1:8-22

Mark 11:27-33



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