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Come then, with hearts aflame - Meditation for Saturday of Advent I

A bright light, like a sun, superimposed with a feather quill writing "When you're troubled, I wish you peace," by Jerry Knoll

“Come then, with hearts aflame;”
Clement of Alexandria, c170-220

As we prepare to light the Second Advent candle, and the flames strengthen in the gathering darkness, we are reminded of the power of fire and light.  Paris, the city of light, is ablaze with votive candles as I write this; the Christmas tree will be lit shortly in NYC; candle flames will brighten the faces of our people in our Christmas Eve services; and Christ, the light of the world will enter our darkness.

Clement of Alexandria (200ce) wrote, “Come then, with hearts aflame;” (#478, Hymnal 1982). In this time when we seek signs of God’s presence in the world, I wonder what it means for our hearts to be aflame?  If ever there was a time of darkness when the world-weary soul yearns to see the light of Christ aflame in anyone, it is now.

What, I wonder, do you and I need to do this Advent to become that heart aflame?

The readings for Saturday of Advent I (05 Dec 2015) are:

Psalm:20, 21:1-7(8-14) 
OT: Amos 5:18-27
NT: Jude 17-25
Gospel: Matt. 22:15-22

and are available online at


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