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Alleluia Songs of Advent -Wednesday December 20

Alleluia Songs of Advent


A Meditation on Psalm 119: 49-72

This testimony to God’s goodness from a faithful follower is sprinkled with “Alleluias” throughout the psalm.:

Your statutes have been my songs

The Lord is my portion 

At midnight I rise to praise you                                                                                                              

The earth, O Lord is full of your steadfast love                                                                    

You are good and do good

The psalmist clearly has a story to tell. S(he) has been subjected to humiliation, lies and taunts from the “arrogant” and has felt anger when God’s laws are perverted by the wicked. Yet the psalmist has remained faithful to God’s word  and has been humbled by experiences that led to a radical dependence upon God’s grace and mercy. It is a story of redemption and reconciliation made possible by God’s “steadfast love”. It is also a story of transformation—a sense of becoming a new creation through faithful devotion to God, morning noon, and night.

The psalmist rejoices in keeping God’s word, but there is more to it than just strict adherence to “ordinances”, “commandments”, “precepts”, and “statutes”. Hope [the Good News] is to be found in knowing that God’s steadfast love is to be found everywhere, even where the arrogant and the wicked appear to have the upper hand. God’s love endures. God’s love overcomes. That love is truly “the law” that the psalmist clings to.

Advent reminds of that law of love—that steadfast love that became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth.  Alleluia!    

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