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Alleluia Songs of Advent - Thursday December 14

Alleluia Songs of Advent

A Meditation on Psalm 37

“Trust in the way of the Lord and do good,” urges the psalmist. Don’t be distracted by what others are doing or the successes they may be having, just follow the good as you see it and wait patiently for the Lord to be present.

I’ve long been intrigued by the mystery and beauty of a flower bulb and how the future flower exists within the bulb, sloughing off its wrappings after the long wait of winter and emerging from the ground as leaf and then flower. The bulb waits patiently to become a flower.

The Afghan School Project links girls here with girls in Afghanistan through a letter exchange. Our hope is that through this experience all our girls, Afghan and American, will grow up to be strong women who are tolerant of and interested in people of different backgrounds and religions.

For all of us who work to “do good,” the psalmist’s words should be encouraging. Don’t fear or fret, the psalmist tells us, but continue on your path, trusting in God’s abundance.


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