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Listening Interview Template

Why Listening Interviews?

A core conviction of the listening process is that God’s Spirit is among the people of God and, if the Spirit of God is among the people, then God’s future is also among the people. By deeply listening to one another, congregations begin to see that it is in our ordinary stories that God has been and continues to work. We learn to listen for God’s presence amongst ourselves as congregations and discover how to listen to where God is at work in the stories of our people. We begin to feel confident that God speaks through the people of our congregations in many ways.

The listening interviews are a key component for discerning what God is up to in the congregation. Along with dwelling and neighborhood awareness, they help in designing experiments to test out what congregations are discerning.

A downloadable template for listening interviews is attached below.

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Resource Date: 
Mar 19, 2019