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2022 Retired Clergy Medical Coverage Change

This is to remind you that you must elect new medical coverage for 2022!

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust has sent out mailings to all retirees to advise that medical coverage for Medicare-eligible retired clergy and their Medicare-eligible dependents will change January 1, 2022. All retired clergy will need to participate in this year’s benefits election.

NOTE: Retired clergy with dependents not yet Medicare eligible will need to enroll through special processing. Contact the Medical Trust for more information.

Most important to understand is that the new plan will operate as a Group Medicare Advantage (GMA) plan and United HealthCare will be the provider. It will be necessary for you to continue enrollments in Parts A and B of Medicare.

Currently, coverage consists of Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan provided through the Medical Trust. The new coverage will be a single payer plan. The UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage PPO (GMA) plan will process and pay the Medicare portion of your coverage as well as any benefits that may be available through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust. Your claims no longer will be separated as Medicare payments and supplemental amounts from the Medical Trust’s insurance. Starting January 1, 2022, when you use medical services, only your new Group Medicare Advantage (GMA) card will be needed.

What’s changing, what’s continuing and what’s new?

Changing under the new Medicare-eligible coverage:

  • All Medicare-eligible coverage will include Part D (Prescriptions); it will not be possible to select a separate prescription program. Express Scripts, the current prescription administrator, will be replaced by Optum RX. If you use any maintenance drugs that will continue into 2022, you will need to have a new prescription after January 1.
  • A new program, Renew Active will replace Silver Sneakers for maintenance of fitness.

Continuing coverage:

  • Eye Med
  • Health Advocate
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
  • Hearing coverage

New coverage:

  • Virtual Visits (online with health professionals)
  • House Calls – yearly home visits by medical professionals
  • Post-discharge assistance from hospital or skilled nursing facilities, e.g., transportation and meal delivery
  • In-home personal care up to 8 hours per month

Two levels of coverage available

Two levels of medical coverage will be offered, Premium and Comprehensive. The Church Pension Fund (CPF) subsidy for eligible clergy will be based on the GMA Premium plan and all retirees will be automatically enrolled in the Premium plan. One alternative that may be of interest is to enroll in Comprehensive coverage and use the savings from the subsidy to finance your dental coverage. However, you must make your own choice, based on your personal situation. Consider carefully which better meets your needs and resources.

Where to find out more

Your letter from the Medical Trust includes several resources where you can obtain information. United Healthcare has a dedicated customer service number for Episcopal Clergy and Lay retirees, 866-519-5401, TTY 711, or on-line at Please read your letter carefully and contact help as you may need it.

In addition to the resources provided by the Medical Trust and United Healthcare, Ms. Leslie Thomas, Diocesan Benefits Administrator (973) 430-9981, and the Rev. Tom Laws, Chaplain to Retired Clergy (973-744-6518) will be glad to offer support!