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2020 Benefits: Summaries, rates and how to apply


Summary of available benefits

Medical and dental insurance rates

2020 medical and dental insurance rates are attached at the bottom of this page in the file 2020 Medical_Dental Rates.pdf.

How to apply

To apply for medical and dental insurance, complete the form MedicalDentalDisability_Application.pdf attached at the bottom of this page.  Return the form to Ms. Leslie Thomas, Diocesan Benefits Administrator, for processing.  Do NOT submit the form directly to the Episcopal Church Medical Trust.  Leslie can be reached at or 973-430-9981.

Popular forms & publications

For more information

The Church Pension Group (CPG) provides a wide range of benefits and services to the clergy, lay employees, their families and institutions of the Episcopal Church. For more information about CPG and how they can help you and your family please visit them online at

Resource Date: 
Oct 3, 2019