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The "Geeks for God" are Diocesan staff members Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications & Technology and Randy Johnson, Administrator for Diocesan Ministries, and members of the diocesan Technology Committee.

Recipient of the 2015 Polly Bond Award of Merit from Episcopal Communicators for General Excellence: Blog.

Jan Paxton
Posted by Jan Paxton on March 18, 2015
You have entered the electronic age! You send out your newsletter as e-news using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or some other service and it looks...
If This, Then That
Posted by Nina Nicholson on March 5, 2015
Keeping a church website up to date is a lot of work, and keeping your church's social media in sync with your website posts can be a tedious chore....
Why your church needs a Google account
Posted by Randy Johnson on February 18, 2015
One of the most useful (and free!) pieces of technology a church can use is having an account with Google. Google, the world’s giant among companies...
Steven Boston
Posted by Steven Boston on January 21, 2015
Well, Christmas is over and you have a brand new camera! Now you would like – or have been asked – to take pictures without flash during the church...
Welcome… or not?
Posted by Jan Paxton on January 5, 2015
Your church’s website can be a wonderful tool for evangelism and sharing the good news. It can attract newcomers to your congregation. Most churches...
Posted by John Rollins on December 15, 2014
Okay. I know this sounds a little extreme. Right now we’re struggling to get the next edition of the church newsletter together, the website hasn’t...
Randy Johnson with St. John's in Boonton's website
Posted by Nina Nicholson on December 3, 2014
Earlier today the Church Website Project launched its 12th church website, for St. John's Church in Boonton. CWP team member (and diocesan staff...
Step away from the Comic Sans
Posted by Nina Nicholson on November 13, 2014
The announcement that a dyslexic Dutch designer (say that three times fast) has created a font to make reading easier for fellow dyslexics has...
Make church e-newsletters more effective with simple tweaks
Posted by Jan Paxton on October 29, 2014
OK! You’ve gotten your congregation to use electronic newsletters (e-newsletters) with Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or some other method. That’s a...
Cliff Cernek at Vestry University 2014
Posted by Cliff Cernek on October 15, 2014
People who are actively seeking a new church no longer turn to the newspapers or an advertisement on a placemat at a diner. The first stop for most...