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Media Hub for the Diocese of Newark at General Convention 2018

Photos, videos and updates from the Diocese of Newark's elected deputation and youth contingent at the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, July 5-13, 2018 in Austin, TX.

You can also follow the Newark contingent on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, using their official hashtag: #gcnewark.

News from the Newark contingent

Diocesan youth in the exhibit hall at General Convention.
Dispatches from General Convention | Jul 18, 2018
Thirteen high school students from the Diocese of Newark attended part of the General Convention, July 2018 in Austin TX. While there they visited...
Phil Schentrup speaks at the Bishops United Against Gun Violence witness. NINA NICHOLSON PHOTO
Bishop Beckwith's Blog | Jul 18, 2018
The just-concluded General Convention did a lot of creative work inside during its 10-day gathering, which in some ways was a good thing, given the...
The deputation of the newly restored Episcopal Diocese of Cuba is applauded in the House of Deputies. CYNTHIA BLACK PHOTO
Dispatches from General Convention | Jul 12, 2018
As the conclusion of General Convention gets closer, deputations are working harder to debate and vote on over 500 resolutions.
Chris Whitaker (middle), executive director of All the Way Up, with Heather Melton (left), staff officer of The United Thank Offering, and the Rev. Marion Luckey, a member of Executive Council. DIANA WILCOX PHOTO
Dispatches from General Convention | Jul 11, 2018
Not all that happens at General Convention takes place in the House of Deputies or the House of Bishops. One of the biggest groups meeting here is...
The Newark Deputation dressed for both Camp Shirt Day and Purple Scarf Day at General Convention. PHOTO COURTESY CYNTHIA BLACK
Dispatches from General Convention | Jul 10, 2018
On Monday, July 9 General Convention returned to a full legislative day, and so did our deputies and bishop. In the House of Deputies, two important...
Bishops United Against Gun Violence before the public witness on July 8. NINA NICHOLSON PHOTO
Dispatches from General Convention | Jul 9, 2018
A round-up of the Newark contingent's activities at General Convention on July 7 and 8.