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Download Flat Jesus (with instructions)

Flat Jesus

Jesus told us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Luke 10:25-37). Who is your neighbor?

You're invited to take Flat Jesus and – accompanied by a responsible adult – visit your neighbors in your local community. Maybe you’ll take him to meet a local shopkeeper, a community leader, a friend at your local park or the people who live next door.

Ask your neighbor if it’s OK to take their picture with Flat Jesus, and explain that you’ll be sharing the photo on the internet with other Episcopal churches in northern New Jersey. (If they’d rather not have their picture taken, we know you’ll show your good manners by respecting their wishes.)

If it’s OK with your parents, you can be in the photo with your neighbor and Flat Jesus – or you can take the photo yourself, or help an adult who is taking the photo by telling your neighbor to say “Cheese!”

Visit to share your photos and tell us how you are a neighbor to this person, and how this person is a neighbor to you. You will also be able to see photos of Flat Jesus with other neighbors in our diocese. (If you are younger than 18 we will not publish your name, only the name of your church.)

How to create your very own Flat Jesus:

  1. Download Flat Jesus_DioNewark.pdf (attached below).
  2. Print Flat Jesus on heavy cardstock paper if possible, and cut him out.
  3. Color in your Flat Jesus. Be creative! What color hair does your Flat Jesus have? What color is his skin?
  4. If you like, laminate your Flat Jesus using self-adhesive laminating sheets (or a laminating machine if you have access to one).
Resource Date: 
May 22, 2015