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Electronic giving option available to congregations

Electronic giving

At the 2015 Annual Diocesan Convention, diocesan CFO Paul Shackford announced that an ad hoc committee, chaired by Trustee Dan Austin of St. George’s in Maplewood, had concluded its research into efficient and cost-effective ways that congregations can electronically accept pledge and other donations. Based on a comprehensive review of a number of vendors, the diocese recommends Vanco Payment Solutions. While no congregation is required to use Vanco, the committee feels that Vanco offers the best combination of options, reports, simplicity, technical support, and low cost to our congregations.

The diocesan staff will use the Vanco system for donations and event registration payments.

“More and more often, I hear of the difficulties churches have in making e-Giving options available for their parishioners, especially those who are younger,” said Shackford. “I’m a Baby Boomer who is used to paying with checks, but Millennials and others simply don’t carry cash or checks, so it is unreasonable for us not to change. Using the Vanco program, people can donate using their credit or debit card, or by direct payment from their bank accounts. Once my church signs up, I’ll personally start making my donations electronically.”

“We were able to structure a very cost-effective program for our churches,” said Shackford. “For $10 per month, plus the cost of the transactions, a church can set up a program with Vanco that will make e-Giving simple for its parishioners and can be managed easily. A church can offer those who donate the opportunity to pay the transaction fee, and Vanco has found that many donors do just that.”

Not only is the transaction a simple one, and similar to how many people currently pay their utility and other bills, many churches discover that e-Giving leads to increased donations and more regular payments.


Pricing information can be obtained from Judy Tieben of Vanco at 800-774-9355 ext. 8113.

More Information

There are a number of PDFs that churches can review to help them make their decision:

Churches that are interested in signing up can do so at