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Families of ONE faith group: Elder care and the unmarried adult child

Families of ONE faith group: Going to the hospital alone
Mon, Nov 8 2021, 7:00pm

It’s our turn now. Our generation has reached that age when we have to care for our aging parents. No matter how prepared you may think you are, there are always unforeseen circumstances crossing and blocking your path. It’s a very common test of our faith, and every “play book” needs constant updating. How do we cope? How is our faith being tested? How is it getting us through?

The Families of ONE faith group will be discussing this topic on Monday evening, November 8 at 7 PM. Come share your tips, suggestions, grief, and frustrations. We’re all bound to come away better than we entered. We’ll be empowered by the sharing of stories and experiences, and through prayer and sharing we will help each other. It’s a no-lose situation, so would you like to share?

We continue to inspire each other to share and explore the unique spiritual needs of families of one especially during these trying times of pandemic and high stress levels. Throughout the year we have grown through the sharing of our faith experiences regardless of faith background. It’s been so fulfilling. The November 8 discussion will be no exception, and you’re invited.

Consider accepting this invitation to come together to explore and cherish our significance in the growth of our faith and God’s love and purpose for us. We gather via ZOOM. Please join in. If you have something to share in this discussion, please contact Jane Jubilee by email at

And let our one and one and more make two and more gathered in God’s name to see where we are led.

ZOOM meeting credentials will be offered to those who respond to this invitation.

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