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Faith Forward: Onward to Confirmation

Faith Forward: Onward to Confirmation
Thu, Dec 10 2020, 6:00pm

Bishop Hughes invites all 2020 Confirmands to continue deepening their growth in Christ as we prepare for Confirmation services next summer. She would like to join with them in conversation about their spiritual life on three occasions during the program year. The first of these zoom meetings will be in early December: December 10 at 6 pm for both Adult Confirmands and Youth Confirmands. The other two meetings will be scheduled in the first half of 2021.

While these meetings are not required to be Confirmed (since our 2020 Confirmands have already been prepared), Bishop Hughes strongly encourages participation, to find a way to make this in-between year fruitful for spiritual growth.

Please note: this is intended for those who were scheduled to be Confirmed in 2020. Confirmands preparing for 2021 Confirmation will have different opportunities to meet with the Bishop. All 2020 Confirmands who had previously registered will be contacted by diocesan staff to register for these events.

Confirmation services in 2020 were postponed out of concern for safety during the pandemic. Bishop Hughes hopes to be able to conduct Confirmation services in the summer of 2021, though that will depend on safety needs during that time. Questions should be directed to Canon Andrew Wright at

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