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Exploring the Spiritual Needs of Families of ONE: Expanding & Returning

Families of ONE faith group: Going to the hospital alone
Mon, Sep 19 2022, 7:00pm

After putting the Families of ONE (FoONE) small group project on hold about a year ago, we’re bringing it back. With so many experiences of all kinds of loss overwhelming almost all of us, we find ourselves transformed in so many ways. The potential for solace from this group has reached enough people during the hiatus that it’s time to restart it. But it too has been transformed. With inquiries about the FoOne prayer group reaching us this Summer, it’s time to explore how we’ve been transformed by losses and gains during times of loss. We’ve decided to be more welcoming to people who may not be single and childless but are functionally alone due to their own losses. Our original motivation to start this group generated a concept that has attracted the widowed, empty-nesters and adult children of the elderly. They have inquired about the FoONE group and feel that there may be a place for them to feel at-home with it in a way that grief counselling, bereavement and support groups do not. As you may know, the purpose of the small prayer group is not to “self-help” or cure, but to share our faith and experiences through mutual invitation and prayer. Therefore, the group will reconvene, and the meetings will resume as of Monday evening, September 19 at 7:00 and continue the third Monday of the month throughout the year.

Would you like to share and pray with others in this small group? Consider accepting this invitation to come together to explore and cherish our significance in the growth of our faith. Meetings will continue via ZOOM with plans for in-person gatherings in the Spring and Summer of next year. Please join in. If you would like to join this faith group, please contact Jane Jubilee by email at

Please mark your calendars for Monday evening, September 19. ZOOM credentials will be offered to those who respond to this invitation.

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