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By-Laws of the District Convocations of the Diocese of Newark


Pursuant to the provisions of Canon 8.1, the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Newark shall divide the Diocese into districts in each of which there shall be a Convocation. In addition to such Canonical and other duties as may be assigned by the Convention, the role and responsibilities of each such Convocation shall be as determined by the Bishop.


Each Convocation shall be composed of

(i) every clergy person canonically resident or licensed to officiate in the Diocese, who regularly serves a Parish, Aided Parish, Incorporated Mission or Mission in the district as an officiating clergy person and any canonically resident non-parochial or retired clergy person resident in the district; and

(ii) three (3) Lay Persons (if possible, at least one of whom shall be a Warden, Treasurer, Clerk or member of the Vestry or Executive Committee and at least one of whom shall be between the ages of 14 and 21) from each Parish, Aided Parish, Incorporated Mission or Mission in the district elected at an annual or special meeting of the Parish, Aided Parish, Incorporated Mission or Mission.


  1. The Officers shall be a Convener and a Secretary. The Convener shall be elected by the district and approved by the Bishop for a one-year term. The Secretary of the Convocation shall be elected by the members of the Convocation at the first meeting of the Convocation following Diocesan Convention, and shall have a one (1) year term. The Secretary need not be a member of the Convocation, and may be re-elected. No person may serve more than four (4) consecutive years in any office.
  2. The Convener shall preside at all meetings. In the absence of the Convener, the senior member of the Convocation Clergy present shall preside.
  3. The Secretary (or a recording secretary appointed by the Convener acting under the direction of the Secretary) shall issue calls for all meetings and shall keep minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall report to the Convocation at each meeting thereof.


  1. Each district Convocation shall hold stated meetings at least quarterly within the District. To the extent possible, the location of such meetings shall rotate within the district. If no quorum is present at a stated meeting, those present may adjourn the meeting to another date.
  2. Special Meetings may be called by the Convener or at the request of the Bishop. Notice of special meetings must be given at least three days before the date thereof by telephone or FAX. All telephonic notices must be confirmed in writing.
  3. The presence of lay and/or clergy representatives from a majority of the Churches within the district shall constitute a quorum.
  4. At the last meeting of the Convocation prior to Convention, each district Convocation shall elect representatives to Diocesan Council. There shall be one (1) Clergy representative and one (1) lay representative. Each shall serve for a term of two (2) years, and no person may serve more than two (2) consecutive two-year terms. They shall be elected in alternate years, such that the term on one such representative will end each year.


These By-Laws may be altered or amended at any time by the concurring votes of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Diocesan Council, provided notice of such proposed alteration or amendment has been given at a previous meeting, or by the unanimous vote of all of the members of Diocesan Council with or without prior notice.

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Jan 1, 2009