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Messages from Our Canons

Messages during the COVID-19 pandemic from Canon Wright, Canon to the Ordinary, and Canon Clark, Canon for Congregational Life.

When Jesus said "Feed the hungry" he also meant it literally
From Canon Clark | May 5, 2020
Right now in Northern New Jersey, whole families are food insecure because schools are closed and there are no school lunches; seniors cannot get out...
The Book of Common Prayer
From Canon Wright | Apr 28, 2020
Prayer is an amazing resource for us at all times, but especially when life is tough.
Mental health
From Canon Clark | Apr 21, 2020
The spring of 2020 is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced, and we have lost a great deal. It is important to acknowledge that, while we...
Bishop Hughes preaching at the Cathedral during the live-streamed Easter service. CYNTHIA MCCHESNEY PHOTO
From Canon Clark | Apr 13, 2020
This Easter was strange, Canon Clark reflects - but then, so was the first Easter, which changed everything.
The Book of Common Prayer
From Canon Wright | Mar 30, 2020
During this time when we cannot gather together, Canon Wright, Canon to the Ordinary, describes alternative ways our tradition provides us to to...
empty pews
From Canon Wright | Mar 26, 2020
Clearly, these are not normal times. Nonetheless, we do continue to worship, to be formed together even while distant and separate from one another.