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Messages from Our Canons

Messages during the COVID-19 pandemic from Canon Wright, Canon to the Ordinary, and Canon Clark, Canon for Congregational Life.

Come Holy Spirit
From Canon Wright | May 26, 2020
This time of year – between Ascension Day last Thursday and the Day of Pentecost next Sunday – I'm always intrigued by this in-between time, between...
Sing a new church
From Canon Clark | May 18, 2020
Do you remember before you learned to walk? I do not. There are other things that my memory does not give a “before” context. I cannot remember a...
Bread and wine
From Canon Wright | May 12, 2020
The powerful responsibility of Christians to respond to those in need is first and foremost about love – God’s love for us enacted by our showing...
When Jesus said "Feed the hungry" he also meant it literally
From Canon Clark | May 5, 2020
Right now in Northern New Jersey, whole families are food insecure because schools are closed and there are no school lunches; seniors cannot get out...
The Book of Common Prayer
From Canon Wright | Apr 28, 2020
Prayer is an amazing resource for us at all times, but especially when life is tough.
Mental health
From Canon Clark | Apr 21, 2020
The spring of 2020 is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced, and we have lost a great deal. It is important to acknowledge that, while we...