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Messages from Our Canons

Messages during the COVID-19 pandemic from Canon Wright, Canon to the Ordinary, and Canon Clark, Canon for Congregational Life.

From Canon Wright | Jul 6, 2020
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I arrived to join you all in ministry in this diocese as the Canon to the Ordinary; that...
From Canon Clark | Jun 24, 2020
These last few months have been different from anything in living memory. We are all left in some way unmoored, set adrift, not knowing how to find...
Come Holy Spirit
From Canon Wright | May 26, 2020
This time of year – between Ascension Day last Thursday and the Day of Pentecost next Sunday – I'm always intrigued by this in-between time, between...
Sing a new church
From Canon Clark | May 18, 2020
Do you remember before you learned to walk? I do not. There are other things that my memory does not give a “before” context. I cannot remember a...
Bread and wine
From Canon Wright | May 12, 2020
The powerful responsibility of Christians to respond to those in need is first and foremost about love – God’s love for us enacted by our showing...
When Jesus said "Feed the hungry" he also meant it literally
From Canon Clark | May 5, 2020
Right now in Northern New Jersey, whole families are food insecure because schools are closed and there are no school lunches; seniors cannot get out...