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2016 Proposed Budget for Convention Action (with video of the Pre-Convention presentation)

On Saturday, January 9, 2016 a Pre-Convention Meeting was held at Grace Church in Madison. This will be the only “in-person” Pre-Convention Meeting held before this year’s Convention.

At that meeting, Diocesan CFO Paul Shackford distributed the 2016 Proposed Budget.pdf (attached above) which includes his PowerPoint presentation. His complete presentation was recorded and can be viewed in the four videos below.

How to submit questions about the budget

Questions about any part of the budget presentation may be emailed to Paul Shackford. Questions and answers will be posted in the Q & A section at the bottom of this page.

Budget actions at Convention

At Convention on Friday, January 29:

  • At 3 PM, Paul Shackford will give a ten-minute Executive Summary of the 2016 budget to the assembled Convention.
  • Following the close of the Friday business session, at 4:10 PM, he will give a 45-minute presentation similar to the Pre-Convention Meeting presentation. This session is intended to provide information to those who were unable to attend the preconvention meeting or view the videos.
  • Following that session, at 5 PM, a Budget Forum will be held. Any can attend this meeting to ask questions they may have.

Deputies will vote on the adoption of the Proposed 2016 Budget on Saturday, January 30 in the afternoon.

Videos of January 9, 2016 Pre-Convention budget presentation

You can follow this presentation by referring to copies of the slides in 2016 Proposed Budget.pdf (attached above), beginning on page 23.

1) Introduction & 2015 Results

This session includes an overview of the budget process and the results for the year 2015 (duration: 9:43).

2) 2016 Diocesan Pledges

This session includes: information regarding the 2016 pledge process; for those churches that had submitted their pledges through January 6, 2016, information regarding their 2016 pledges compared with their 2015 pledges; and a brief history of pledges since 2002 (duration: 5:27).

3) 2016 Proposed Budget

This session includes detailed information about the proposed 2016 budget that was approved by Diocesan Council to be presented to Convention for its adoption (duration: 24:12).

4) Other Financial Information

This session includes: Diocesan Funds for Outreach, Congregational Support, and Scholarships; an overview of the Trustees and the Diocesan Investment Trust and the funds that are managed by the DIT; a summary of the entire preconvention meeting presentation; and information regarding the budget presentation at Convention: (duration 10:35).

Q & A

No questions have been submitted at this time.

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Jan 30, 2016