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Director of Children & Youth Ministries (10-15 hrs/wk) at All Saints’, Glen Rock

All Saints’ Episcopal Church of Glen Rock, NJ is seeking a part-time Director of Children & Youth Ministries to head up programs that nurture the youngest members of our congregation in the Christian faith and the love of God. Our ministries for children and youth include Sunday School for children up to 5th grade, Middle and High School Youth Groups, nursery during our Sunday worship service, and special events such as our Christmas Pageant, youth group outings, Confirmation preparation, etc.

Job tasks include:

  • The director will develop each Sunday’s lesson and distribute the lesson plans to teachers using the many resources available, as well his/her own creativity and inspiration.
  • We’re blessed with a cadre of dedicated Sunday School teachers and Youth Group leaders. The management and support of these folks is a key component of successful C&Y ministry at All Saints’. The director will schedule, train, recruit, communicate to and on behalf of these folks.
  • On Sundays, the director will supervise Sunday School activities and promote a joyful Sunday experience for our children and teachers alike.
  • The director will lead our children and youth in celebrating Christmas, Easter and the seasons of the church year through special lessons, programs, and events.
  • The director will carry out all the necessary tasks that these undertakings require, including ordering and stocking supplies, scheduling C&Y teachers and events, finding substitutes for teachers, and communicating with parents, kids, Youth Group leaders and teachers.

Job requirements:

  • Familiarity with the teachings and tenets of Christianity.
  • Familiarity with the practices of the liturgical Christian tradition. (i.e. Do you know what Lent is?)
  • Experience with Christian Formation; your own, and/or your children’s. Experience as Sunday School teacher or Youth Group leader is a big plus.
  • Excellent coordination, communication skills are essential.
  • E-savvy is important. Know how to text, Facebook, email, and whatever else the kids are up to these days.
  • Flexibility, unflappability, good humor and spiritual depth will help make this an enjoyable, meaningful position.

Hours, Compensation:

  • On average 10-15 hours per week depending on season, etc. Think of this as one weekday each week planning, communicating, etc. and Sunday mornings til around 11:30 or noon. Lots of time off in late June and July, lots of time on before Christmas and Easter, and getting ready for the school year in August.
  • Salary: $12,500 per year.
  • Report to the rector, coordinate with the parish C&Y Advisory Committee.

Send resumé and covering message to To learn more about All Saints’ visit our website, Facebook page and Instagram; search for All Saint’s Glen Rock on the Internet and platforms.