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World of Women

Sat, Jun 8 2019, 12:00pm

Every year the diocesan Episcopal Church Women (ECW) sponsors World of Women where we pay tribute to extraordinary women of our diocese who, through their efforts in their congregations, have exhibited dedication and devotion to God. EVERY congregation is encouraged to nominate an older AND a younger member of their church for this honor. The younger member can be high school/college aged or younger adult member of the church.

This year, it is being hosted by The Episcopal Church of St. James, Upper Montclair. The proceeds from this luncheon benefit the Mary Rankin Scholarship Fund. We are fortunate to have both our Bishop and Canon with us for this festive occasion.

There are three (3) attachments (below) which give additional information about the luncheon, nominating people, purchasing tickets, and purchasing ads and congratulatory notes for the Program Journal.

Any questions, inquiries, ticket requests, advertisements, and nominations can be sent to

Registration Deadline: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019