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From the House of Bishops meeting: Dinner at Night Market

Bishop Beckwith and Marilyn Olson in Taiwan

This picture is Marilyn and me, John and Jill Smylie (John is Bishop of Wyoming, had grown up at Calvary Church in Summit, and had served for several years in the Diocese of Newark); and Mark and Alexis, college students from Taiwan.

Mark was introduced to the Christian faith while at summer camp as a young boy. He was given a bible and brought it home, only to have it taken away by his very upset parents. He received another bible when he started attending church as a college student. He says he can't get enough of the bible or church. He eventually wants to be baptized, but wants to be completely ready.

The Christian journey is very different in this part of the world.

Note: Night Markets are Taiwanese street markets which are famous for their xiaochi, a category of Chinese food which literally translates to "small eats" and is served in portions similar to Spanish tapas.


I am Mark, referred to in the above blog post, who enjoyed showing Bishop Mark and his group around the night market in Taipei. I have just discovered this blog post and my photo, and also my short testimony given above! Now I would like to update you about my faith journey. I was baptized in Advent Church on April 4, 2015, Easter Eve, and my mother and my brother came to the church to support me at my baptism. This year, 2015, I have been elected as chairperson of the St John's University Student Fellowship! I thank God for His kindness towards me and for His patience with me. Bishop Mark and his wife and their friends told me at the night market that I could call them 'Dad and Mom', so I feel so happy that in Christ we are all one family. Praise God!

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