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Hausman, The Rev. Sharon Sheridan

The Rev. Sharon Sheridan Hausman
The Rev. Sharon Sheridan Hausman
Church or Location: 

Home office: 973-927-6192
Cell: 973-647-0413

Standing for election to this office at the next Convention: 
General Convention 2024 CLERGY Deputy

I have served the Diocese of Newark as an alternate clergy and alternate lay deputy and have attended 7 General Conventions as a journalist on the Episcopal Church’s official news team. This has given me extensive knowledge of General
Convention and church polity. As a prison chaplain as well as priest-in-residence at St. John's in Boonton, I am passionate about issues of social justice. I also love liturgy and have followed and reported on the church’s work in music and prayer book expansion and revision for many years. As a priest ordained and serving in this diocese, as the former editor of The Voice and as a 36-year member of the diocese, I also am very familiar with the diocese, its governance and its concerns. I believe I can put my passion, knowledge, experience and personal connections throughout the Episcopal Church to good use in serving as convention deputy.