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A Prayer for Reconciliation and Healing

O God of peace and healing,
We come before you feeling powerless to stop the hatred that divides races and nations.

We come before you saddened and angered by the denial of human rights in our land.

We come before you with wounds deep in our hearts that we long to have healed.

We come before you with struggles in our personal lives that it seems will not go way.

And we pray Lord, How long?
How long to peace?

And we hear, "Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

How long for racial justice? "Not long, because no lie can live forever.”

How long for our wounded hearts? Not long, I call you by name, you are with me; you are mine.

How long for our struggles? Not long, for my grace is sufficient. I hold you in my everlasting arms beneath which you cannot fall.

How long for the healing of what is broken inside and all around us? Not long, for we shall overcome, together in partnership, human holy partnership, we shall overcome.


Written by Larry Reimer and found among the collected prayers in Race and Prayer, edited by Malcolm Boyd and Chester Talton.

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Pray for Trayvon Martin and his family
Pray for George Zimmerman and his family
Pray for the community of Sanford, Florida
Pray for this nation
Pray for healing and reconciliation among us all.

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