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Ivell, The Rev. Elizabeth

The Rev. Elizabeth Ivell
The Rev. Elizabeth Ivell
Associate Rector
Church or Location: 

Phone: 973-538-0555, ext. 113

General Convention 2024 CLERGY Deputy

I am the Associate Rector at St. Peter's in Morristown. I am currently serving on the ACTS/VIM Board. In the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, I was a General Convention Clergy Deputy in 2018 and served as Assistant Secretary for the joint Committee on Congregational and Diocesan Vitality. In NWPA, I also served on the Constitutions and Canons Committee and as a Diocesan Camp Program Director. In 2024 I will have ten years of experience working as a young clergy person in multiple diocesan and congregational models, including in joint ministry with an ELCA Lutheran parish. I seek to serve the Diocese of Newark as a General Convention Clergy Deputy to represent the future and vision of the Diocese and bring back to the Diocese possible models and programs to build up God's people here.