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2013 budget adopted by Convention

The diocesan budget for 2013 was presented to the 139th Annual Convention and was adopted on January 26, 2013.  The following information was presented to the Convention:

  1. The 2013 budget that was adopted by Convention, including background information, the adopted budget, line-by-line explanations of the components of the budget, and supporting information. (See above attachment 1 of 3 -- Adopted 2013 Budget.pdf.)
  2. The slides of the PowerPoint presentation that was delivered to the Convention. (See above attachment 2 of 3 -- 2013 Convention Presentation.pdf.)
  3. Additional information regarding:  diocesan funds for outreach, scholarships, and to support congregations;  the Trustees of the Episcopal Fund and details of invested funds;  the Bishop’s discretionary funds;  Newark ACTS;  and budget history. (See above attachment 3 of 3 -- Additional Information.pdf.)

The above three individual documents are combined into one document, a copy of which was distributed to deputies to Convention. (See above attachment 2013 Convention Presentation Booklet.pdf.)

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Jan 26, 2013