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Bishop Beckwith's Blog: Signs of God's Grace

Bishop Beckwith's Blog: Signs of God's Grace

The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith
10th Bishop of Newark (2007-2018)

Grace happens. All the time. Grace is God's gift to us. The signs of God's grace are abundant. Some are dramatic. Many at first glance seem mundane. All are potentially life transforming.

God created us, but God was not – and is not, finished with creating. God keeps showing up. God is very much at work. Our job as God's creatures, is to pay attention to God's grace. And to join with God in God's work.

December 15, 2011
Years ago I attended a conference on urban ministry that was convened by Walter Brueggemann. One of the attendees was a Roman Catholic nun who lived...
Not enough desks
December 14, 2011
Our daughter taught in the Memphis Public Schools for three years. The first two years were on assignment from Teach for America, and for the third...
Who are schools for?
December 13, 2011
Years ago, I spent a week at a diocesan summer camp. I headed up a team of adults that was in charge of Christian education. We designed and led the...
Ages of Innocence
December 11, 2011
Welcome to the third Sunday of Advent. During this third week, I invite you to join me in reading chapters 13-19 (pages 156-260) of Ordinary...
God doesn't close the door
December 10, 2011
The kids at the afterschool at St. Ann's in the South Bronx come for fellowship, for community. And for food. They eat because they are hungry. And...
Food security
December 9, 2011
Food security is a relatively new term to me. I first heard it about four years ago while talking with a church leader whose work it was to provide...
Children as investments
December 8, 2011
There is a temptation in our culture, more so now than when Jonathan Kozol wrote his book, Ordinary Resurrections (published in 2000), to look upon...
Catching God’s answer
December 7, 2011
Elio, one of the young boys in the afterschool at St. Ann’s, tells Jonathan Kozol that he prays with open hands. Why is that? Mr. Kozol asks. To...
Glimpses of the eternal
December 6, 2011
Mr. Rogers visited the afterschool at St. Ann's Episcopal Church in the South Bronx. The kids all knew him from television. He lamented the...
December 5, 2011
For this second week of Advent, we will be reading chapters 8-12 of Ordinary Resurrections“ (pages 96-155) by Jonathan Kozol.