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On the shooting in Newtown, CT: in the midst of darkness, prayers for light

Newtown, CT

Sometimes darkness arrives at 9:30 in the morning. A huge, horrific darkness that has covered the whole country, if not the world. Twenty-six innocent lives lost. Scores of grieving families who are in shock, grief and fear.

We pray for them. We pray for all children. We pray that we may all find the divine hope to get us through our own shock, grief, fear and anger. We pray that the light -- the Advent light which portends Christ's light, will shine through the darkness of the world and into our souls. And we pray that Christ's light will give us the courage to do something about the world's darkness.


There are no mere words to clearly describe the horror that we all deeply feel at this time. This is the time to pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ and allow The Holy Spirit to enter in. It is at that time that the human qualities that Our Lord has given us comes to full force. We then shall move to reach out to all that suffer grief, sorrow, illness and all adversities for those in need. The season of celebrating His Birth should remind us that He indeed suffered in His human skin. As He reached across neighborhoods to extend His Word and help so should we. The true Christian Spirit should be extend out your hands and help those who need. I ask us all to join in prayer, find the Holy Spirit and offer aid to all those requiring the touch of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Lets fold our hands, bow our heads and pray for all those parents, grandparents, family and friends and take the Holy Spirit and bring it to the streets of our communities. God Bless Us All, Lyle R. Hatch

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