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Prisoner of Christ

Paul describes himself as a prisoner. (Ephesians 3:1) A prisoner for Christ Jesus. To me, that means he is captured. Captured by Christ. Most of us know what it is to be a prisoner. To be a prisoner of anxiety or fear; to be captured by anger or disappointment. It is a web of worry -- and I have found that the more I wrestle with it, the tighter the web gets. Paul is a prisoner of Christ. He is at the mercy of mercy -- and of love and grace. It sounds like freedom to me.


Greetings to all the beloved on this Third Sunday of Advent.

May the joy of Christs Peace be with you today and always.

Mark this day as a day of the jubilee. We have been ransomed from the prison of sin. The heavy burden of our debt has been forgiven. We are fully restored. We have been made whole to live in the freedom of Christs Peace.

Today is the day of our deliverance. Ours is the joy of the redeemed. We are the inheritors of hope to live in the abiding love the Infinite One abundantly confers upon the beloved. Our joyous hope overflows as we travel along The Way of Holiness. This pathway leads us through a fertile place that once was marked by our devastation. It was filled with the emptiness and calamity of our sin. This parched place was transformed and made alive as we became prisoners of Christ. We blessed captives now travel as Pilgrims of Hope; leading God's Children of Light to the fullness of a life in Christ.

Faith guides the People of The Way along the well lit pathways that safely lead to places of peace, fulfillment and abundance. The light of Christ lights the way to our liberation from want and sin. His light makes our steps sure.


peace and prayers to all the beloved,


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