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For the new year, a renewed commitment


It's not a New Year's resolution, but rather a renewed commitment. To see beyond what I have been trained to see, to see beyond what prejudice has limited me to see, to see beyond a market-driven media that presents instant gratification as hope.

To see beyond all that in order to see the luminous presence that shines in everyone.

This is a commitment to see as God sees, which is to see the divine in everyone. This takes practice. What we have been learning in the diocese for the past two years is that the practice of seeing is anchored in the paradoxical discipline of listening: listening to scripture, listening to our neighbors, listening to the Holy Spirit.

Which means we need to move – beyond conversations that are limited to the sharing of information to conversations that invite our stories of hope and joy, fear and disappointment. It means moving out of our churches into our neighborhoods. It means that we are invited to move out of the familiar and into a place of risk.

There is growing support for this commitment to see God working in unfamiliar arenas, to hear the invitation of the Spirit, to listen more deeply, to join in the Jesus movement with greater intention. And that support reinforces the commitment.

I am grateful for God's unrelenting invitation; I am grateful for the growing number of people who are accepting the invitation and discovering new ways of living in faith.

Happy New Year.


I am gratefull for my life and all of the many blessings which I have received!  For the gift of Love that is keeping me alive.

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