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Living life extraordinarily well -- December 3, 2009

Living the ordinary life extraordinarily well, Joan Chittister writes. That is the invitation -- indeed the challenge, from St. Benedict many centuries ago. Chittister goes on to say that Benedictine spirituality is more a commitment to principles than to practice.

I find that to be a help, because it challenges me to determine -- not just once, but again and again, what is most important in my life? And the practice flows from that ongoing discernment. I can't exactly say that I am then living my life extraordinarily well, but I can say that it is being lived with more intention -- and a deeper appreciation of God's creating mystery.


In our conversation Wednesday evening, we noted that it's so easy to find excuses NOT to intentionally and regularly practice our spirituality, and to assign the blame to our being so busy doing good things (i.e., living life "well".) Vicous circle or slippery slope, it's easy to slip without that guiderail.

I am reminded again of the necessity of discipline to maintain a balanced spiritual life. The outer pressures of our culture, and our own personalities make it difficult to honor and access our interior needs. The nourishment of the whole person, accepting our place in community is daunting.

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