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An Alleluia Season Message From Bishop Beckwith

The Alleluia Fund for Outreach
Easter is the liturgical season set aside for the purpose of celebrating new life in the risen Christ. For centuries, “Alleluia” has been the verbal response to this extraordinary gift. The Easter season ends on Pentecost Sunday, June 12; but the “Alleluias” continue, because new life continues to be offered. The challenge to us is to receive this new life – however it comes to us; as we receive it in the Eucharist, as we gather with the people we love – and in the transfiguring beauty of creation which takes our breath away at this time of the year. As we are challenged to receive this new life, we are also expected to share it. When we give from what we have, we become co-creators with the Divine Creator. The Alleluia Fund is an opportunity to express our alleluias in a tangible way. The Alleluia Fund is designed around the fundamentals of Christian stewardship: people’s need to give as opposed to an institution’s need to receive. The Alleluia Fund gives individuals and families across the diocese the opportunity to give into a large pool of funds – and therefore make a significant and collective impact and witness in areas of human need. Last year the diocese raised over $100,000. This year we hope to do the same. All of the monies go to outreach – and where it goes is determined by a diocesan committee that reviews grant applications from ministries in the diocese – or international ministries connected to the diocese or the wider church. The international portion of the Alleluia Fund will go to Nets for Life (, a remarkable initiative sponsored by Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) in which $12 buys not only a malaria-preventing net, but also a community education component that has made the ERD’s ministry in this area the international model for malaria prevention. You can contribute online by going to and clicking the yellow “Donate” button on the right, or by mailing a check payable to the Diocese of Newark with “Alleluia Fund” in the memo line to: The Alleluia Fund, c/o Diocese of Newark, 31 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07102. Say “Alleluia” in a tangible way. In the spirit of alleluia, +Mark M. Beckwith

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