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Justice Board

The Justice Board is a group committed to justice issues in the Diocese of Newark, which serves as an advisory board to the Bishop and the Bishop's staff concerning issues of social justice. “Justice issue” is defined as any issue that affects the life and dignity of any person.

Current areas of focus for the Justice Board are:

Supporting and Protecting Children

The Bishop, in consultation with the Justice Board, has identified the support and protection of children as the primary focus for justice work in the Diocese of Newark. As the most vulnerable members of our communities, children are greatly affected by inequalities of justice. Given the diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds in northern New Jersey and depending upon individual circumstances, children can experience a wide variety of justice needs – for food and nutrition, for shelter, for education and/or for safety. As part of our common mission to engage the world, the Justice Board asks all congregations to discern the unique justice needs of the children in their communities.


The Episcopal Diocese of Newark recognize that violence in all of its forms, including the pandemic of gun violence in our communities nationwide is incongruous with the Christian values of peace, nonviolence and God’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves; and, that the violence committed in our country’s schools, public meeting spaces and homes diminishes the dignity of the victims and the perpetrators.

Human Trafficking

The Episcopal Church condemns domestic and international trafficking in all persons for sexual purposes as an affront to human dignity and human rights; and further calls for the protection of all victims of human trafficking, particularly women and children, providing necessary attention to their physical, psychological and social needs, and using approaches that respect victims’ rights and integrity.