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Joining God in Shaping Our Future

Joining God in Shaping Our Future

We believe that God is inviting us into a new way of living together. God is calling us out of our churches and into the world – to see what God is up to. To listen to what God is up to. And to join God there.

Dispatches from the Journey

Bishop Beckwith's address at the 142nd Annual Convention
January 30, 2016
For as long as anyone can remember, the annual Convention of the Diocese of Newark has always taken place at the end of January. Which means that it...
The Rev. Ginny Dinsmore
May 11, 2015
This article was originally published by the Episcopal Church Foundation as part of the Vestry Papers issue on Facing Leadership Challenges (May 2015...
Going Local: Cycle Two
March 23, 2015
Listening, wondering and exploring were concepts brought to the surface as the ground was prepared for the start of Going Local: Cycle Two. Going...
The Core Practices
February 18, 2015
One way to discover what God is up to in our communities is to join with others in Going Local. Going Local is a process through which we learn new...
The Rev. Alan Roxburgh
February 4, 2015
In his sermon at Convention’s opening Eucharist, the Rev. Alan Roxburgh of The Missional Network said that “God’s abundant spirit...
October 6, 2014
At Vestry University 2014, held on October 4, keynote speaker John McLaverty of The Missional Network spoke on the challenges as well as the promise...
April 4, 2014
Alan Roxburgh discusses why we would want to join with God in our neighborhoods. Why Join God in the Neighborhood? from The Missional Network on...
Members of St. James', Hackettstown packing bags of groceries.
August 6, 2013
If you ask parishioners at St. James’ Church in Hackettstown what they are doing during the summer, they may say to you, “I’m...
Piecing together a missional life
June 5, 2013
Greetings everyone! Now that the day of Pentecost has come and gone and I begin to settle into the position of Coordinator for Missional Church...
Blessing & Sending Disciples into the World, a Pentecost Celebration
June 1, 2013
Sights and sounds from Blessing & Sending Disciples into the World, a Pentecost Celebration of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Sunday, May 19,...