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Joining God in Shaping Our Future

Joining God in Shaping Our Future

We believe that God is inviting us into a new way of living together. God is calling us out of our churches and into the world – to see what God is up to. To listen to what God is up to. And to join God there.

Dispatches from the Journey

Eugene Foley, St. Stephen’s, Millburn
June 14, 2016
Being better neighbors was a consistent theme of the stories from the six congregations who came together at Episcopal House on Saturday, June 11...
Ron Garner of St. George's, Maplewood
June 14, 2016
Acting on a promise made at Diocesan Convention, four teams of clergy and lay leaders have developed innovative experiments to help the diocese find...
Ruth Portela, St. Peter's, Livingston
June 1, 2016
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The Spirit is moving. At our Diocesan Convention in January, I invited our congregations and diocesan leaders...
Ben Miller and Janelle Grant
May 17, 2016
On April 15 and 16, two of our young adults, Janelle Grant of St. Paul’s, Paterson and Ben Miller of St. Paul’s, Englewood attended the...
John King and Kaileen Alston
May 3, 2016
I spent well over two decades, from the time I was confirmed until the day I took the job with the diocese, avoiding Bible study like the plague....
The Rev. Diane Rhodes
April 19, 2016
Transforming congregations requires changing the roles of leaders. Leaders need to be like gardeners, cultivating the ground to develop rich soil in...
The Core Practices
March 17, 2016
Listening isn’t easy – but if one persists, it does bear fruit. That was the consistent theme of the reports from the six congregations...
Members of congregations involved in the "Going Local" process
February 16, 2016
The Diocese of Newark has been awarded a 2016 Roanridge Trust Award grant to help support Going Local. The Trust received 26 different applications...
Bishop Beckwith's address at the 142nd Annual Convention
January 30, 2016
For as long as anyone can remember, the annual Convention of the Diocese of Newark has always taken place at the end of January. Which means that it...
The Rev. Ginny Dinsmore
May 11, 2015
This article was originally published by the Episcopal Church Foundation as part of the Vestry Papers issue on Facing Leadership Challenges (May 2015...