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[The Star-Ledger] More than 34,500 people were shot to death in this country last year, some 21,000 of them by their own hand. An additional 27,000 are living with the wounds they sustained. The casualties roughly equal the populations of Bayonne, East Orange or Vineland. But sometimes to comprehend the degree to which gun violence has degraded our culture, it helps to focus on just one life.

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[The Record] St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Paterson, looking ahead to its 200th year and the start of its third century in the gritty city that is its home, celebrated the anniversary Sunday with a proclamation vowing to continue its mission into future.

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[Clifton Journal] St. Peter's Episcopal Church hosted on May 15, an interfaith conference on Hagar, a mother of faith by women of faith. Rabbi Ziona Zelazo, Rev. Lynne Weber, an Episcopal priest and Dr. Nuray Yurt, a Muslim scholar presented the perspective of their community of faith on Hagar.


On April 15 and 16, two of our young adults, Janelle Grant of St. Paul’s, Paterson and Ben Miller of St. Paul’s, Englewood attended the Missional Voices 2016 Conference on the campus of Virginia Theological Seminary.

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The New Jersey Governor's Council on Mental Health Stigma has awarded Christ Church in Hackensack its 2016 Ambassador Award. This year's recipients are faith-based organizations and clergy committed to “Reducing Stigma Through Faith-Based Service: Promoting Wellness and Recovery.”


How often do we take the time to recognize individuals who have provided years of support to the ministries in our congregations? We are referring to our seniors, who are among the Diocese of Newark’s most active and productive volunteers. Now is the time to honor these individuals for their leadership and wisdom and for the countless gifts of time and talent they have shared with their congregations and the community.

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[NVTV News] “Even as the economy has progressed and gotten better, and people have gone back to work, hunger is still a really prevalent problem,” said Diane Riley, director of advocacy for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.


I spent well over two decades, from the time I was confirmed until the day I took the job with the diocese, avoiding Bible study like the plague. Adult forum after Sunday service? “Oh, gee, I have to run – the [insert dependent pet or child] has [insert activity or ailment].” Or I'd just slide past the coffee hour table and slip out through the kitchen. I could not fathom sharing my (at best) Bible trivia knowledge and hoping it passed for real scriptural authority. Then I was introduced to one of the exercises that is at the root of the Going Local process, Dwelling in the Word.

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Last month 213 individuals from 53 congregations – 130 youth and 83 adults – were confirmed, received or reaffirmed at six services at Trinity & St. Philip’s Cathedral in Newark. Congratulations to them all and to their churches, families and friends.

Alleluia Fund for Outreach

“I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 at Northern State Prison in Newark, the words of Matthew 25:36 are realized in the ministry of Episcopalian John Vine who for more than 15 years has lead a Bible study group for inmates at the facility. His ministry is a program of the Diocese of Newark’s Prison Ministry.