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Suggestions for Congregations regarding the Online Survey

Search for the XI Bishop of Newark

Suggestions for Congregations for the XI Bishop Search On-line Survey (one size does NOT fit all!):

  • Forward the survey link to your congregation’s e-mail list.  Write a couple of lines encouraging recipients to take the survey.  Do this for several weeks leading up to the closing of the web-based survey on August 16, 2107.
  • Encourage Wardens, Vestry members and other congregational leaders to motivate others to complete the survey.
  • Create a list with various possible options for taking the survey for example “printed” “electronic (provide e-mail address)” “electronic with assistance” – ask people to sign up under their preferred category.  This will give you the opportunity to determine how many printed surveys will be needed, and at the same time update e-mail lists.
  • Designate a Sunday (July 16, July 23 or any Sunday up to August 13) as Survey Sunday and provide an activity that you feel may work to facilitate and encourage participation in the survey.
  • Create an inter-generational opportunity for members of your Youth Group and older members of your congregation to complete the survey online without the use of paper.
  • Offer an Adult Forum where leaders in your congregation assist members who do not have access to a computer.

For additional questions, please contact a member of the XI Bishop Search / Nominating Committee.

Resource Date: 
Aug 16, 2017